Cancellation-Refund Policy

Since ROMDevelopers is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent.

2ndly We just provide software data to fix your phone BUT to use those softwae file required knowledge to use Or service your phone. So before downloading make sure you know how to use and which is suitable for your phone, Otherwise you just waste your money as we do not refund. Warning- Once again do not download any file or software data unless you acquire knowledge. We collected all data with price and we pay for hosting to keeps those data and 97% of data is collected official so there is nothings wrong with file. Example - Supposed you have a huawei ANE-LX2 and you downloaded it software and still you may not fix your devices unless you have full knowladge. Because you need marching phone model number, version, Vendor ETC lots of things. So if you download we will not refund as its all official data collection from device company.

As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any package or file from our site. Please note you are responsibe to know what you need exactly we are showing all our file listings here and you can see it without registration.

However, we realize that exceptional circumstance can take place with regard to the character of the files we supply.Therefore, We do consideration the Refund Request for the following reasons :

No part of the purchased item has been downloaded: If the customer does not use his package and our system shows it using 0%, he can cancel and refund with us, also if customer purchased a file and not yet downloaded he can be refunded BUT Make sure he did not used or Downloaded any file or Data.

Download and Unzipping Issues: This can happen that there is a problem during downloading  or unzipping the FILES . We will check downloaded files, if we realise that the files are contaminated, we will refund you and cancel the service from your account :)

Product Not As Described:  Such issues should be reported to us within 7 days from the date of purchase. Clear evidence must be Prove (WHY & HOW).

File Does not work : If there is any issue with file like crrupted we will resolve it, BUT if you dont know how to use it or you dont have knownlage of what you doing YET download it, Then No refund as i dont know if you lie.

2ndly If you fail to identify your problem Or you dont know which is correct file for you. Please Do Not Download and you download file without knowing it, We Do not refund as its your fulty. 

Point to be noted, We do not carry any responsibility. Therefore we do not fulfill any refund / return request based on unnecessary third party software or other device. Its cleared that we will consider whats we have mentioned earlier.

Banned / Suspended Account - If you ban or suspend your account no refund will issue, as its only done to protect our data and buisness. (No team wanna lose their customer, So do we and we only ban or suspend a account when its spy data) So on this cases no refund. 

There is a whatsapp Number & live chat for your need, Please if contact us for any clrification Before buying a package..!


ROMDevelopers all package is very advantage with chepaer prices. Lots file allow to DOWNLOAD. Its all based on market and for Professional users. BIG a BUT is we are not allow its to make FILE-HOSTING businesses. So if we notices anyone downloading & its looks to be COPYING DATA. We will INACTIVE the user without notify & refund. ONCE Again ROMDevelopers Is not for COPY/PAST & For Advance Download are not alowed. Everything Has limits Don't dare to cross..! Please Agree With the term Before Purchase.

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Our Technical Support Team is always eager to help you and provide highly professional support in a timely manner. Thank you for purchasing our product.



Text Prepared by AzimBahar