ROM Developers Packages & File Category Descriptions :

We RD-Team present to you few packages & several file category. Those are below with its description.

File Category : Different category of files.

Non-Featured means Normal, Its work with all pakages.

Featured means Exclusive, Its work with paid pakages.

Paid : We have some payment files, a separate payment is needed to download these files. It does not work with any packages.

Packages :

1. Free

Its a free pakage for all of our users. Whoevers register they can get it as free :) BUT ONLY normal (Non-Featured)Files allow to download.

2. Starters

Its a single file package for personal use. Its will allow you do download 1.50 GB / 2 Files exclusive (FEATURED) file and 5.00 GB / 1 Files normal (Non-Featured) Files.

3. Individual

Its offers you 80GB Exclusive (Featured) Files and 10GB FREE/Normal (Non-Featured) Files.

4. Economy

Its offers you 125GB Exclusive (Featured) Files and 15GB FREE/Normal (Non-Featured) Files.

5. Professional

Its offers you 230GB Exclusive (Featured) Files and 25GB FREE/Normal (Non-Featured) Files.

6. Supreme

Its offers you 450GB Exclusive (Featured) Files and 35GB FREE/Normal (Non-Featured) Files.

Please understand all the packages and file category before Purchase. If you have any further questions, kindly use Contact Us BUTTON.