Before you know about Packages Details, Read our terms of service & Cancellation & Refund policy. 

Please agree with our policy and only than buy a packages & Take the risk that you can be ban anytime without notify and refund. If you do not agree, We Strongly recommand you to not buy any packages or file..!


Below are Packages Details.


ROMDevelopers Packages & File Category Descriptions :

We RD-Team present to rD user Few Packages & Several Category OF Files. Those are below with proper description.


File Category : Different category of files.

Non-Featured means Normal, Its work with all pakages.

Featured means Exclusive, Its work with all the Paid Pakages.

PaidFileIts a Single File Paments, A separate payment is require to download these files. (It does not work with any packages).


Our Packages :

1. Genius

Its offers you [3 File /20GB ] Exclusive (Featured) Files for 3 Days Period.




Its offers you [190GB/100 File] Exclusive (Featured) Files and [10GB/ 20 File] FREE/Normal (Non-Featured) Files for 3 Month Period.

3 Month 190GB/100File Exclusive & 10GB/20 File Normal.

(Total 200GB/120File In 3 Month)



Its offers you [320GB/450File] Exclusive (Featured) Files and [45GB/25File] FREE/Normal (Non-Featured) Files For for 6 Year Period.

1 Year (320GB/450File) Exclusive & (45GB/25File) File Normal.

(Total 365GB/475File in 6 Year)



Its offers you [620GB/1000] Exclusive (Featured) Files and [100GB/100] FREE/Normal (Non-Featured) Files For for 1 Year Period.

1 Year (625GB/1000File) Exclusive & (100GB/100) File Normal.

(Total 700GB/1100File in 1 Year)







Its offers you Unlimited (Featured & Non-Featured) All Files, You can download Daily 10 files for 1 year Period. 

1 year Daily 10 File.

(Totally 3600 File & Size..? Unlimited Size In 1 Year).






ROMDevelopers all Packages is very advantage with chepaer prices. Lots file allow to DOWNLOAD. Its all based on market and for Professional users. BIG BUT is we are not allow its to make FILE-HOSTING businesses. So if we notices anyone downloading & its looks to be COPY PAST. We will INACTIVE the user without notify & refund. 

ONCE Again ROMDevelopers Is not for COPY/PAST, Advance Download Or remote Work. Everything Has limits Don't dare to cross..! 

Please Agree With the term Before Purchase.


Please understand all the packages and file category before Purchase. If you have any further questions, kindly use Contact Us/Live Chat from Our Website.