How To Identify Motorola [Code-Product-Model] Description...!

How To Identify Motorola [Code-Product-Model] Description...!


Moto™ or Motorola™ uses the product code to identify the model. You can generally use the fastboot command to get the product code.

fastboot command:

fastboot getvar product

Moto™ Product code reference list

Some old models may not be listed, please forgive me.

This list is sorted by factory time.

Code Product Model Release Date Support Status
pokerp Moto E6 XT2025-1(RETAIL, DS) 2019/05 Preparing to update
troika Moto One Action XT2013-2(LATAM/RETLA, DS) 2019/05 Preparing to update
parker Moto One Zoom XT2010-1(LATAM/RETLA/RETBR/OPENMX, DS) 2019/05 Preparing to update
surfna Moto E6 XT2005-1(Verizon PostPaid, SS, 2+16GB) XT2005-1-PP(Verizon PrePaid, SS, 2+16GB) XT2005-3(NA/RETUS, SS) XT2005-4(Sprint, SS) XT2005-5(NA/RETUS/RETCA, SS) 2019/05 Normal update
olson Moto RAZR XT2000-4(VZW, SS) 2019/05 Normal update
foles Moto Z4 XT1980-3(NA/RETUS, SS, 4+128GB) XT1980-4(VZW, SS, 4+128GB) 2019/05 Normal update
kane Moto One Vision XT1970-1(LATAM/RETBR/AMXBR/TIMBR/TEFBR, DS, 4+128GB) XT1970-2(LATAM/Mexico, SS, 4+128GB) XT1970-3(EMEA/RETEU/RETAPAC, DS, 4+128GB) 2019/05 Normal update
channel Moto G7 Play XT1952-1(EMEA/APAC/RETEU/RETAPAC,DS) XT1952-2(LATAM/RETBR/AMXBR/TIMBR,DS) XT1952-T(T-Mobile, SS) 2019/02 Normal update
ocean Moto G7 Power XT1955-1(LATAM/RETBR/TEFBR/AMXBR/TIMBR,DS) XT1955-2(LATAM/RETAR/OPENMX,DS) XT1955-4(LATAM/RETLA,DS) 2019/02 Normal update
lake Moto G7 Plus XT1965-2(LATAM/RETLA/RETBR/TEFBR,DS) XT1965-3(EMEA/RETEU/PLAYPL/RETGB/RETRU,DS) XT1965-4(APAC/RETIN,DS) XT1965-T(T-Mobile, SS) 2019/02 Normal update
river Moto G7 XT1962-4(LATAM/RETLA/RETBR/TEFBR,DS) XT1962-5(EMEA/RETEU/PLAYPL/RETGB/RETRU,DS) XT1962-6(APAC/RETIN,DS) 2019/02 Normal update
chef_retcn Moto P30 Note XT1942-1(China,DS,4+64GB/6+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
robusta Moto P30 XT1943-1(China, DS, 6+64GB/6+128GB) 2018/09 Normal update
deen_retcn Moto P30 Play XT1941-2(China, DS, 6+64GB/6+128GB) 2018/09 Normal update
messi_retcn Moto Z3 XT1929-15(China, DS, 6+128GB) 2018/09 Normal update
messi Moto Z3 XT1929-17(USA, Verizon, SS, 4+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
ahannah Moto E5 Plus XT1924-9(China, DS, 3+32GB/4+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
chef Moto One Power XT1942-2(APAC/RETIN, DS, 4+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
deen Moto One XT1941-1(APAC/VFEU, SS, 4+64GB) XT1941-2(CHINA, DS, 4+64GB) XT1941-3(LATAM/RETLA/RETBR/RETUS/TEFBR, DS, 4+64GB) XT1941-4(APAC/RETEU/RETGB, DS, 4+64GB) XT1941-5(LATAM/ATTMX/TEFMX/RETAR/RETMX/RETCL, SS, 4+64GB) 2018/09 Normal update
beckham Moto Z3 Play XT1929-4(Canada, SS, 4+32GB) XT1929-3(NA/Sprint, SS, 4+32GB) XT1929-4(NA/AMZ/BWACA/RETCA/RETUS/USC, SS, 4+64GB) XT1929-5(BRAZIL/RETBR/TIMBR/TEFBR, DS, 4+64GB / 6+128GB) XT1929-6(LATAM/AMXLA/NIIPE/ATTMX//TEFCL/TEFPE/RETLA/RETAR/RETMX/RETCL/AMXMX, DS, 4+64GB) XT1929-6(LATAM/RETLA/TEFCO/TIGCO, DS, 6+128GB) XT1929-8(EMEA_APAC/RETEU/DTEU, DS, 4+32GB / 4+64GB) 2018/06 Normal update
evert Moto G6 Plus XT1926-2(EMEA/RETEU/RETGB, SS, 4+64GB) XT1926-3(EMEA/RETEU/RETGB, DS, 4+64GB) XT1926-5(APAC/RETAPAC, DS, 4+64GB/6+64GB) XT1926-6(LATAM/AMXMX/AMXLA/AMXCL/AMXCO/AMXPE/ENTCL/ATTMX/TEFCL/WOMCL/RETLA/SELFPERSO/RETAR/RETMX, SS, 4+64GB) XT1926-7(LATAM/TEFCO/TEFMX/RETLA/TIGCO, DS, 4+64GB) XT1926-8(Brazil,DS,TV,4+64GB) XT1926-9(India,DS,4+64GB/6+64GB) XT1926-10(China/CTCN, 6+64GB, Cut Out) XT1926-11(China,6+64GB,Cut Out) 2018/04 Normal update
ali Moto G6 XT1925-1(LATAM/NIIPE/TEFPE/SELFPERSO/RETLA/RETAR/RETMX/RETCL, SS, 3+32GB) XT1925-2(LATAM/TEFCO/RETLA/TIGCO, DS, 3+32GB) XT1925-3(Brazil/AMXBR/RETBR/TIMBR/TEFBR, DS, 3+32GB) XT1925-4(EMEA/ORAEU/RETEU/RETGB/DTEU/VFEU, SS, 3+32GB) XT1925-5(EMEA/BOUYFR/PLUSPL/RETEU/RETGB/DTEU/TELEU, DS, 3+32GB / 4+64GB) XT1925-6(NA/AMZ/FI/RETUS, SS, 3+32GB) XT1925-6(BRAZIL/AMXBR, SS, 3+32GB) XT1925-7(APAC, DS, 3+32GB) XT1925-10(China/CTCN, DS, 3+32GB) XT1925-12(Verizon,SS,3+32GB) XT1925-13(India, DS, 3+32GB/4+32GB) 2018/04 Normal update
aljeter Moto G6 Play XT1922-1(APAC, DS, 3+32GB) XT1922-2(EMEA/EEGB/O2GB/ORAEU/RETGB/TIMIT/TESCOGB/WINDIT, SS, 3+32GB) XT1922-3(EMEA/RETEU/PLAYPL/RETGB/TELEU/VIPEU, DS, 3+32GB) XT1922-4(LATAM/Chile/Colombia/Mexico/Argentina, SS, 3+32GB) XT1922-5(LATAM/TEFMX/Brazil/TIMBR/TEFBR, DS, 3+32GB) XT1922-10(India, DS, 3+32GB) 2018/04 Normal update
jeter Moto G6 Play XT1922-6(Verizon, SS, 2+16GB) XT1922-7(Sprint,SS,2+16GB) XT1922-9(Amazon/AT&T/ACG/BWACA/Cricket/LRA/RETCA/RETUS/USC/WNDCA, SS, 2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
rhannah Moto E5 Plus XT1924-1(Europe/Poland, DS, 2+32GB) XT1924-1(Europe, DS, 2+16GB) XT1924-2(Europe/Great Britain, SS, 2+16GB) XT1924-4(LATAM/Colombia/Brazil, DS, 2+16GB) XT1924-5(LATAM/Mexico/Peru/Argentina, SS, 2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
hannah Moto E5 Plus XT1924-6(COMCUSTAWS/CRICKET, SS, 2+16GB) XT1924-7(TMO/MPCS, SS, 2+16GB) XT1924-8(SPRINT, SS, 2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
nora Moto E5 XT1944-1(EMEA/ORA/GB/VFEU, SS, 2+16GB) XT1944-2(EMEA, DS, 2+16GB) XT1944-3(LATAM/Mexico/Chile/Colombia/Peru/Puerto Rico/TEFCL/WOMCL/Argentina, SS, 2+16GB) XT1944-4(LATAM/Mexico/Brazil, DS, 2+16GB) XT1944-5(India, DS, 2+16GB) XT1944-6(APAC, DS, 2+16GB) 2018/04 Only security update
james Moto E5 Play XT1921-2(Cricket,SS,2+16GB) XT1921-5(Sprint,SS,2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
rjames Moto E5 Play XT1921-1(North America,SS,2+16GB) XT1921-6(Verizon,SS,2+16GB) 2018/04 Normal update
pettyl Moto E5 Play XT1920-15(EMEA, SS, 2+16GB) XT1920-16(EMEA/APAC, DS, 2+16GB) XT1920-18(LATAM, SS, 2+16GB) XT1920-19(LATAM, DS, 2+16GB) 2018/06 Normal update
nash_retcn Moto Z 2018 XT1789-05(China) 2017/09 Only security update
payton Moto X4 XT1900-1(North America) XT1900-2(Asia) XT1900-3(Europe/MiddleEast/Asia) XT1900-4(LATAM) XT1900-5 XT1900-6(LATAM) XT1900-7(Europe/MiddleEast/Asia) 2017/09 Normal update
sanders Moto G5S Plus XT1800(LATAM) XT1801(LATAM) XT1802(Brazil,DS,TV,3+32GB) XT1803(Europe,SS,3+32GB) XT1804(India) XT1805(Europe,DS,3+32GB) XT1806(North America,SS,3+32GB/4+64GB) 2017/08 Only security update
montana Moto G5S XT1790(LATAM,DS) XT1791(LATAM,DS) XT1792(Brazil,DS) XT1793(Europe,SS) XT1794(Europe/MiddleEast/Asia,DS) XT1795(India,DS) XT1797(Asia,DS) 2017/08 Only security update
owens Moto E4 Plus XT1774(Verizon, SS, QCOM) XT1775(NA/AMZ/COMCAST/USC/LRA/RETUS, SS, QCOM) XT1776(Sprint, SS, QCOM) 2017/08 Only security update
nash Moto Z² Force Edition XT1789-01(NA/Verizon) XT1789-02(U.S.Celluar) XT1789-03(Sprint) XT1789-04(AT&T/T-Mobile/International) XT1789-06(Europe/Hong Kong/International) 2017/07 Only security update
sperry Moto E4 XT1766(Sprint, SS, QCOM) 2017/06 Only security update
perry Moto E4 XT1765(MetroPCS, SS, QCOM) XT1767(USA/Verizon, SS, QCOM) XT1768(USA/AMZ/ACG/RETCA/RETUS/USC, SS, QCOM) 2017/06 Only security update
albus_retcn Moto Z² Play XT1710-08(ChinaTelecom,DS) XT1710-11(ChinaMobile,DS) 2017/06 Only security update
albus Moto Z² Play XT1710-01(USA,SS) XT1710-02(Verzion,SS) XT1710-07(Brazil,DS) XT1710-09(APAC,DS) XT1710-10(India,DS) 2017/06 Only security update
panell Moto C Plus XT1721(India/Indonesia,DS,MTK,2+16GB) XT1723(Europe,SS/DS,MTK,1+16GB) XT1723(South Africa / United Arab Emirates / Europe / Israel / Kenya / International,DS,MTK,2+16GB) XT1724(LATAM,DS,MTK,1+16GB) XT1725(LATAM / Argentina / Chile / Mexico / Peru,SS,MTK,1+16GB) XT1726(Brazil,DS,TV,MTK,1+8GB) 2017/06 Ended update
namath Moto C XT1754(Europe/United Arab Emirates,DS,MTK,4G,1+16GB) XT1755(India/Indonesia,DS,4G,MTK,1+16GB) XT1756(LATAM / Argentina / Chile / Mexico / Peru,DS,4G,MTK,1+8GB) XT1757(International,DS,4G,1+8GB) XT1758(Australia/New Zealand, DS, 4G, 1+16GB) 2017/06 Ended update
watson Moto C XT1750(Slovakia/Russia/Ukraine,DS,MTK,3G,1+8GB) 2017/06 Ended update
cedric Moto G5 XT1670(LATAM/Canada,SS) XT1671(LATAM,DS) XT1672(Brazil,DS) XT1675(MiddleEast) XT1676(Austrlia/Japan/Europe/NewZealand,DS) XT1677(Brazil,DS,3GB) 2016/09 Only security update
potter Moto G5 Plus XT1680(LATAM/Argentina/Chile,2GB) XT1681(LATAM/Colombia/Mexico,2GB) XT1683(Brazil,DS,DTV,2GB) XT1684(Europe,3GB) XT1685(Australia/Europe/NewZealand,3GB) XT1686(India,3/4GB) XT1687(USA,2GB/4GB) 2016/09 Only security update
taido Moto E 3rd Gen. XT1700(China/Europe/HongKong/International,SS) XT1706(HongKong/India/Vietnam,DS) 2016/09 Ended update
sheridan Moto Z / Moto Z Droid XT1650-01(Verzion,SS) XT1650-03(Canada / USA / Europe / Italy / Japan / Thailand / India / Brazil / LATAM / Colobia / Mexico,DS) XT1650-05(China,DS) 2016/09 Ended update
griffin Moto Z Force Droid XT1650-02(Verizon,SS) 2016/09 Ended update
addison Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid XT1635-01(Verizon,SS) XT1635-02(Brazil,DS) XT1635-03(China,DS) 2016/09 Ended update
kungfu_m Moto M XT1662(China,HongKong,DS) XT1663(Europe/India/Turkey,DS) 2016/09 Ended update
harpia Moto G4 Play XT1600(Brazil,DS) XT1601(LATAM/Mexico,DS) XT1602(Australia/Europe/India,DS) XT1603(Brazil,DS,DTV) XT1604(Europe,SS,NFC) XT1607(Canada/USA,SS) XT1609(Verizon,SS) 2016/06 Ended update
athene Moto G4 / Moto G4 Plus XT1620(Brazil,DS) XT1621(Mexico,DS) XT1622(Europe,SS) XT1625(USA/India,SS) XT1626(Brazil,DS,DTV) XT1640(Brazil,DS) XT1641(Canada/Mexico,SS) XT1642(Spain,SS) XT1644(USA/Europe/India,SS) 2016/06 Ended update
merlin Moto G Turbo Edition XT1556(Brazil) XT1557(India) 2015/11 Ended update
kinzie Moto MAXX 2nd Gen. / Droid Turbo 2nd Gen. / Moto X Force XT1580(LATAM / Brazil / Australia / Europe / India / Singapore / International,DS) XT1581(China,DS) XT1585(Verizon,SS) 2015/09 Ended update
lux_verizon Droid Maxx 2nd Gen. XT1565 2015/09 Ended update
lux Moto X Play XT1562 XT1563 2015/09 Ended update
clark_cn Moto X Style(CN RETAIL) XT1570 2015/09 Ended update
clark Moto X Style / Moto X Pure Edition XT1570 XT1572 XT1575 2015/09 Ended update
smelt Moto 360 2nd Gen. Moto360L Moto360S Moto Sport 2015/09 Ended update
osprey Moto G 3rd Gen. XT1540 XT1541 XT1542 XT1543 XT1544 XT1548 XT1550 2015/07 Ended update
surnia Moto E LTE 2nd Gen. XT1511 XT1524 XT1526 XT1527 XT1528 XT1529 2015/02 Ended update
otus Moto E 2nd Gen. XT1505 2015/02 Ended update
shamu_retcn Moto X Pro XT1115 2015/01 Ended update
victara_retcn Moto X 2nd Gen. XT1085 2015/01 Ended update
thea_retcn Moto G LTE 2nd Gen. XT1077 XT1079 2015/01 Ended update
thea Moto G LTE 2nd Gen. XT1072 XT1078 XT1079 2014/12 Ended update
quark Moto MAXX / Moto Turbo / Droid Turbo XT1225 XT1250 XT1254 2014/11 Ended update
shamu Nexus 6 XT1100/XT1103 2014/10 Ended update
metallica Moto 360 1st Gen. Moto360 2014/09 Ended update
victara Moto X 2nd Gen. XT1092 XT1093 XT1094 XT1095 XT1096 XT1097 XT1098 2014/09 Ended update
titan Moto G 2nd Gen. XT1063 XT1064 XT1068 XT1069 2014/09 Ended update
condor Moto E 1st Gen. XT1021 XT1022 XT1025 2014/03 Ended update
peregrine Moto G LTE 1st Gen. XT1039 XT1040 XT1042 XT1045 2014/03 Ended update
falcon Moto G 1st Gen. XT1028 XT1031 XT1032 XT1033 XT1034 XT939G XT1002 XT1003 XT1008 2013/09 Ended update
ghost Moto X 1st Gen. XT1049 XT1050 XT1052 XT1053 XT1055 XT1056 XT1058 XT1060 2013/09 Ended update
obake Droid Ultra XT1080 2013/09 Ended update
obake_maxx Droid Maxx XT1080M 2013/09 Ended update
obakem Droid Mini XT1030